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Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Lollipops

Peppermint Christmas lollipops

Peppermint Christmas lollipops

Last week I went on a bit of a holiday chocolatemaking binge. In a couple of days, I made chocolate bars, candied chocolate-dipped grapefruit peels, and these peppermint lollipops. I only intended to make green pops with white chocolate, but they turned out so well that I decided to experiment with dark chocolate and red gel coloring, too!

I ended up two batches of lollipops, one in red (dipped in dark chocolate) and the other in green (dipped in white chocolate). Then, I flavored the pops with natural peppermint oil, and finished each one with a sprinkling of crushed peppermint candy.

These delightful peppermint lollipops make a great addition to a Christmas care package. They’re perfect stocking stuffers, and look lovely tied atop wrapped presents, too!

Peppermint Christmas lollipops

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National Candy Month #2: Lemon Drops!

Lemon drops candy

Next up for National Candy Month, a recipe for homemade hard candy lemon drops!

The recipe for these lemon drops is similar to my old-fashioned hard candy recipe. The only major difference is the omission of light corn syrup–this recipe simply uses a combination of granulated sugar and water instead. It also adds a small amount of cream of tartar to the mixture. This helps to prevent the sugar syrup from crystallizing.

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A Hard Candy Recipe to Kickstart National Candy Month!

Old-fashioned hard candy

The beginning of June means, among other things, the beginning of National Candy Month! To celebrate, I’ll be posting a series of fun (and easy) candy recipes. First up is a family recipe for old-fashioned hard candy.

I’m not sure how long the recipe has been in the family, but growing up I can remember my mom making it every year for Christmas. There were different varieties, one of which was always cinnamon. (And for some reason, in our family the cinnamon flavor was traditionally yellow rather than red!) We would give some of the candy away as gifts, and enjoy the rest ourselves during the holiday season.

For this batch I made five colors/flavors of hard candy:

  • Red (cherry flavor)
  • Orange (orange flavor)
  • Yellow (banana flavor)
  • Green (pear flavor)
  • Blue (blueberry flavor)

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