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National Candy Month #3: Gummy Candy

Gummy fruit candy

Although I have quite a bit of practice with making various hard candy recipes, somehow I’ve never tried my hand at making gummy candy before.

For my first attempt at gummy candies (and yet another post for National Candy Month!) I decided that I’d start with an existing recipe, rather than creating my own. I found this one from Our Best Bites. It seemed simple enough to follow, and the sparkly results were so pretty, I figured I would give it a try.

Gummy candy

These yummy gummies contain just a handful of easy-to-find ingredients: sugar, water, and unflavored gelatin, as well as color and flavoring.

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National Candy Month #2: Lemon Drops!

Lemon drops candy

Next up for National Candy Month, a recipe for homemade hard candy lemon drops!

The recipe for these lemon drops is similar to my old-fashioned hard candy recipe. The only major difference is the omission of light corn syrup–this recipe simply uses a combination of granulated sugar and water instead. It also adds a small amount of cream of tartar to the mixture. This helps to prevent the sugar syrup from crystallizing.

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Picnic-Ready White Chocolate Deviled Eggs

Chocolate Deviled Eggs

Chocolate deviled eggs? What?

When most people think of chocolate eggs, they’re usually thinking of Easter candy–Cadbury Creme Eggs, for example, or traditional buttercream Easter egg candies. This version of “deviled eggs” is a bit less seasonal, making it ideal for potlucks and summer picnics.

I’ve always loved deviled eggs. So much so, in fact, that I’ve started eating them for breakfast and/or lunch, a couple of times per week. I also have a bit of a fascination with foods that look like other foods. I actually made a Pinterest board about them! So, I put these two together and created a tasty treat which resembles an authentic deviled egg, but is most definitely for dessert.

Chocolate Deviled EggsThese white chocolate candy eggs are made using a silicone candy mold and are filled with a jam or jelly filling of your choice. I used an apricot jam from Trader Joe’s. Any flavor of jam would work well, so feel free to experiment based on your preferences. You can also adjust your buttercream flavoring so that it pairs nicely with the jam you choose. Coconut buttercream with strawberry would be a tasty combination, for example. You could also fill your eggs with peanut butter, chocolate ganache, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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