Pride-Inspired Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Pride-inspired rainbow sugar cookies

June is Pride Month, making it the perfect time to try my hand at some of the rainbow-inspired recipes I’ve bookmarked over the past few months.

There are lots of rainbow recipes to choose from, from cakes and cupcakes to fudge and fruit pizza. I stumbled upon this sugar cookie recipe from the Etsy Blog and thought it looked like a fun (and fairly simple) project.

Pride-inspired rainbow sugar cookies

These rainbow cookies are easy to make. You basically start with a standard sugar cookie dough, divide it into six smaller portions, then tint each dough ball with a different color. Then, the dough is rolled with a rolling pin, with each color wrapping around the next. (The Etsy Blog includes complete directions and a photo tutorial, which I found helpful.)

I did learn a few things along the way, and made some notes that I will keep in mind if/when I attempt these cookies again. See below for some tips and tricks that will help you to make this recipe a success.

Pride-inspired rainbow sugar cookies

Rainbow Cookie Tips
A few things I learned while making a batch of these cookies…

  • Double the recipe. You’ll need a lot more dough than you think you’ll need! My cookies turned out much smaller than expected (only about 1″ or so long), because I just simply did not have enough dough.
  • Do NOT divide the dough into equal-size balls, even though this is what the instructions say to do. Instead, make six balls in varying sizes. You’ll need the most red and orange dough, so make the two largest dough balls in those two colors. Make the smallest dough ball purple, and use medium-size dough balls for the remaining colors in between.
  • Use gel food coloring, rather than the liquid stuff. (I like this Liqua-Gel coloring, but any brand will do.) Gel will produce much brighter/more saturated colors, while using a lot less product to achieve these results.

Pride-inspired rainbow sugar cookies

More Rainbow Recipe Ideas

For more rainbow-inspired recipes to try during Pride Month, check out my rainbow desserts board on Pinterest. You can also cook up a batch of my old-fashioned hard candy, which makes a lovely rainbow of sugary fruit-flavored treats!

And, keep an eye out for my take on rainbow gummy bear candies…recipe coming soon!

Pride-inspired rainbow sugar cookies

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