National Candy Month #3: Gummy Candy

Gummy fruit candy

Although I have quite a bit of practice with making various hard candy recipes, somehow I’ve never tried my hand at making gummy candy before.

For my first attempt at gummy candies (and yet another post for National Candy Month!) I decided that I’d start with an existing recipe, rather than creating my own. I found this one from Our Best Bites. It seemed simple enough to follow, and the sparkly results were so pretty, I figured I would give it a try.

Gummy candy

These yummy gummies contain just a handful of easy-to-find ingredients: sugar, water, and unflavored gelatin, as well as color and flavoring.

Once again I used this as an opportunity to try out a few new flavorings from Lorann Oils

Flavor oils for gummy candy

After much deliberation (so many to choose from!) I went with a mix of fruity and non-fruity flavors: raspberry, strawberry, chocolate, and coconut.

I followed the “Our Best Bites” recipe fairly closely. Once I’d made my hot candy mixture, I divided the batch into four smaller portions, then added the four flavorings mentioned above. I used gel food coloring to tint the candies in pink (strawberry), purple (raspberry), and brown (chocolate). The coconut gummies I left in their natural state, no coloring needed!

Gummy candy

A few gummy candy tips:

  • In the “soften gelatin by sprinkling over cold water” step, be sure to distribute the gelatin evenly over the top of the water. I ended up with too much in one spot, which resulted in a clump of gelatin that just wouldn’t dissolve.
  • I used foil (rather than plastic wrap, as suggested in the recipe) to cover my pans; from past experience, I’ve found that pouring a hot mixture into a pan prepared with plastic wrap can often cause the wrap to break at the corners.
  • These candies take longer than expected to set in the fridge. I thought they’d be ready to go in a few hours, but I ended up letting them set overnight and cutting/sugaring them the next morning. After being tossed in sugar, they’ll need to sit for another 1-2 days to allow time for the sugar to crystallize. So, you’ll definitely need to plan ahead with this one! It’s not a good recipe to whip up at the last minute.

Gummy candy

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And, stay tuned for my next candy post…caramel apple lollipops!

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