Homemade Candy Corn for National Candy Corn Day!

Homemade candy corn

It’s autumn in New York City. The leaves are changing and there is a chill in the air. Halloween is tomorrow, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Changing leaves in Riverside Park

Changing leaves in Riverside Park on New York’s Upper West Side.

In addition to being Halloween Eve, today also happens to be a holidayNational Candy Corn Day! What better time to post my recent adventures in homemade candy corn?

I actually made this candy a week or so ago, and since then I’ve been asked for the recipe on multiple occasions. Even people who don’t generally like candy corn seem to like the homemade version. Unlike store-bought candy corn, which always has that weird-slightly-unplaceable-highly-artificial flavor, homemade candy corn tastes just like vanilla.

I didn’t create this recipe; it’s the one from Alton Brown’s website, which I followed pretty closely. The only change I made came during the assembly process:

Homemade candy corn

Candy Corn Assembly Tips

Instead of the bench scraper/wedge technique Brown describes in his recipe, I simply rolled ropes of the colored dough…

Homemade candy corn

…then pressed the ropes of orange, yellow, and white together, using a knife to slice them into triangles, like this:

Homemade candy corn
This candy corn recipe ships well (I successfully mailed batches to nieces and nephews in Maine and California) and will stay fresh for a few weeks, when kept at room temperature in an airtight container. Plus, it’s totally tasty!

Homemade candy corn

Homemade candy corn

In fact, my homemade candy corn turned out so well that I’m actually planning to keep the recipe on hand and try adapting it for other holidays. I think the next batch will be Christmas-themed, with red, white and green dough, and just a dash of peppermint extract.

Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Changing leaves in NYC

Changing leaves along Broadway, NYC.

Looking for other candy recipes? Try a batch of my old-fashioned hard candy. Orange, red, and brown food coloring and flavors like cinnamon and maple would be a great way to adapt this classic hard candy recipe for autumn gifting.

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