Celebrate National Doughnut Day with Doughnut-Shaped Sugar Cookies!

donut sugar cookies

Did you know that the first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day?

Making homemade doughnuts is high on my baking “to do” list. (I’ve even earmarked just a few recipes on Pinterest!) But for National Doughnut Day I decided to bake some doughnut-inspired sugar cookies instead.

doughnut shaped sugar cookies

I always keep a batch or two of homemade sugar cookie dough in my freezer, which can quickly be defrosted for last-minute baking projects. I’ve tried several different recipes (they’re all fairly similar) but for this batch I followed this recipe from Baked Ideas.

frozen sugar cookie dough

After defrosting, I got to work rolling and cutting my dough. (I find that, in general, 1/4″ thickness is just about perfect for sugar cookies.) The round cookie cutter I used was about 3″ in diameter, although any size would work.

I didn’t have a tiny round cookie cutter handy. So, to make the holes in each “doughnut” I simply washed and dried the cap from a bottle of flavor extract; it turned out to be the perfect size!

sugar cookie dough for doughnut sugar cookies

doughnut shaped sugar cookiesAfter cutting, the sugar cookies were off to the oven to bake for about ten minutes, then transferred to a wire rack to cool.

Once the sugar cookies were completely cool, I prepared my royal icing using this recipe from Domino Sugar. I divided my royal icing into two bowls, tinting half pink and half purple:

Royal icing for doughnut shaped sugar cookies

I kept the royal icing consistency on the thinner side, since I wanted it to “drip” like real icing on a doughnut. I piped a strip of icing around each cookie. Then, I tilted each one to get the desired look. I finished each cookie with a generous helping of sprinkles, of course!

Doughnut shaped sugar cookies

Doughnut shaped sugar cookies

These adorable doughnut-shaped sugar cookies would be ideal for a bake sale or birthday party!

donut sugar cookies

Doughnut Cookie Variations

  • Start with a chocolate sugar cookie base (like this recipe from Baking a Moment) and make a batch of “chocolate” doughnuts
  • Skip the center hole and make round cookies that resemble “filled” doughnut varieties, such as Boston Creme (top with chocolate frosting) or jelly-filled (top with powdered sugar)
  • Instead of sprinkles, make a zebra stripe doughnut or top with other typical toppings like nuts or dried coconut instead

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