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Healthy Banana Split Breakfast Parfait

Banana split breakfast parfait

A few weeks ago I purchased a set of adorable (and cheap!) new parfait glasses from Flying Tiger USA. Strawberry Parfait Day (celebrated annually on June 25th) seemed like a great day to test drive a yogurt parfait recipe, and put my new glasses to good use!

This ice cream sundae-inspired parfait boasts all of the elements of a classic banana split–crushed pineapple, peanuts, strawberries. But, it subs in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry Greek yogurt in place of the ice cream. It’s a healthy alternative to a traditional sundae. Great for breakfast…or for fulfilling an ice cream craving without breaking your calorie budget!

Banana split breakfast parfait

Other than parfait glasses, the only special “equipment” you’ll need to make this recipe is a pastry bag with a star tip. If you don’t have a pastry bag, you can create a makeshift version by cutting the corner off of a large Ziploc bag, filling it with your yogurt, and using it to make a swirl. However, if you don’t care about a “whipped cream” look, you can also simply spoon the plain yogurt on the top of the parfait before adding your bananas and strawberries.

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